Cherry Blossom Bloom in 2010

Cherry Blossom Bloom for Claire Pettibone in 2010

Romantic pieces of art best describe Claire Pettibone’s 2010 collection. Using the Cherry Blossom as her inspiration she captures the Japanese style with breath taking gowns. Using a soft and effervescent palette of snow white, metallic silver and gold with accents of pale pink and Empire Red, “Cherry Blossom 2010” was a luminous vision of purity and exotic innocence.

What to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Catering Service

One of the many aspects that you should consider checking into during your wedding day is the menu. In fact, even when it’s a birthday or an anniversary, dining experience is a must. And though you are equipped with the best culinary skills, cooking everything on your own might just be too stressful, especially if you are the celebrant. Therefore, the need to find the right wedding catering service is essential.

Location – Your chosen wedding caterer should be accessible anytime. Tasting sessions and menu samples and booking chats can take much time than you can imagine because we are not talking dresses here – we are talking about food, which may break or make everyone’s appetite and emotions on your wedding reception. The business should be nearby and that the management should always be available on your desired appointment date.Light & Love Photography BaliLight & Love Photography |  www.lig

Budget – As always, the financial aspect is present in this task. Decipher how much money you are willing to spend for food and dining on your wedding day. Some wedding venues like hotels and halls offer packages in which menus are already included. While this is an ideal option, you may want to choose it when the number of guests that you desire to invite is equivalent to the required number of persons allowed to avail for the package. Meanwhile, if you are planning for a small wedding ceremony, you might want to get a separate wedding caterer to ensure the quality of your food.12

Quality of Food – The quality of the food that the caterer offers is equally important to your budget. Meat should neither be too soft nor too hard; veggies should be a bit crunchy when made into salad; and pork should taste like pork as beef should taste like beef and not plastic. I think you already know what I mean by now. Nevertheless, food presentation on the plate and on the table is also part of food quality. It should look organized, clean, and, of course, delicious. In order to do this, the caterer should have enough skills, people, and equipment to be able to provide mouth-watering cuisines. Not to mention the quality of service that the caterer can provide to you and your guests.13

Reputation – As they say, reputation speaks for itself. Always go for a wedding caterer whose reputation is as delightful as his offerings. You can ask for references from relatives and friends or check online for renowned, local wedding catering services. Most reputable caterers are experienced and professional in handling catering services. You should also check if he’s flexible enough to meet your needs and preferences.